The Cocurricular Planning Map

The Cocurricular Planning Map was developed to achieve a variety of outcomes and purposes including the following:

  • Assist students in making responsible and informed choices about out-of-class experiences.
  • Assist advisors in helping students design their out-of-class experiences to meet academic and  personal goals.
  • Assist students in setting intentional goals regarding the desired outcomes of their out-of-class experiences.
  • Enhance the educational benefit of out-of-class experiences for our students.
  • Facilitate the personal development of Truman students.
  • Encourage offices and persons involved in facilitating out-of-class experiences to maximize the educational benefits of those experiences.
  • Facilitate the integration of out-of-class experiences with the curriculum.
  • To encourage assessment of out-of-class activities.
  • Enhance the liberal arts and sciences culture at Truman State University.

The Cocurricular Planning Map (Planning Map) is a tool designed to help students make informed and intentional decisions about their out-of-class activities while at Truman State University. The Planning Map consists of four quadrants that represent areas students can use to set goals regarding their out-of-class activities thereby maximizing the benefits of their Truman educational experience.  The quadrants are based on values and principles espoused in the Truman State University Mission Statement, skills and knowledge of value to future employers and graduate schools, and needs and attributes of college-aged students identified by various theories of development.