How to use the Planning Map

To use the Planning Map, follow the steps listed below:

  • Begin by printing a copy of the self-assessment and the Planning Map.

  • Work through the self-assessment by thinking about your career goals. If  you canít identify a specific career path, just list the characteristics of a career that would appeal to you and then identify the skills, experiences, and characteristics that you might need to develop in order to work in such a setting by finishing the self-assessment.

  • Take your time in working through the self-assessment. You might want to talk to your parents, mentors, persons working in your preferred setting or, your academic advisor to help identify necessary skills.

  • Based on the results of the assessment instrument, review the quadrants and determine what deficits identified by the self-assessment will be adequately addressed by your curricular experiences. If you need to, consult with faculty or an advisor regarding this question.

  • For those areas that may not be completely addressed by your curricular experiences, think about how out-of-class experiences in each of the quadrants might help develop the remaining deficits.

  • Check out the links provided on this website to gain more information about the types of out-of-class experiences that are available to you.

  • Review the goal setting materials.

  • Determine specific goals for your out-of-class experiences in each quadrant area.

  • Write your goals on the goal sheet and keep the goal sheet where you can refer to it often.

  • Review your goals with a trusted advisor (faculty member, academic advisor, parent, sibling, employer, friend) to help you think through your decisions and address areas you may have overlooked.

  • Live your plan adjusting goals as needed.