Steps to Create a Cocurricular Journal

Creating a Cocurricular Journal is easy, but it does take some effort to keep the record up to date.  You can get started using the following steps:

  1. Gain Information: Learn about the Cocurricular Planning Map here.
  2. Consult: Talk to your advisor about out-of-class activities that might support your career goals.
  3. Go To The Web: Log on to TruView.  Select the "My Cocurricular Record" channel.  Follow the instructions given as you enter the site.
  4. Enter Experiences: Enter experiences in your journal as they occur.
  5. Reflect: Be sure to include reflections about the activities as you list them.
  6. Return: Visit your Cocurricular Journal and review your activities regularly.
  7. Update: Add Reflection information as you receive notification of experiences added into your Cocurricular Record by the University.