The Personal Cocurricular Record

There are many activities and experiences that students participate in that are not verified, and are thus ineligible to be included in the Official Cocurricular Record.  Those are the things that will be included in your Personal Record.


The Personal Cocurricular Record is your creation.  The benefits of using this tool are limited only by student's time and creativity.  In general there are four significant benefits for keeping a current and accurate Personal Cocurricular Record:

  1. Record Keeping: Keeping a timely record of out-of-class experiences gives students more accurate information for inclusion on resumes, internship applications, graduate school applications, etc.
  2. Reflection: The Personal Cocurricular Record provides an opportunity to reflect upon out-of-class experiences and record thoughts and feelings about learning experiences.
  3. Balanced Choices: Keeping a record of out-of-class experiences can encourage students to seek activities in more than on Quadrant of the Out-of-Class Planning Map.  A balanced approach to out-of-class experiences is consistent with a liberal arts philosophy.
  4. Advising: Students can allow academic advisors access to their personal record to assist with decisions regarding out-of-class experiences.

Steps to creating your Personal Cocurricular Record

Examples of activities and experiences that will go on the Personal Record

Viewing/Printing a Personal Cocurricular Record