Why Participate in the Cocurricular Record Program?

Students:  For the most part, little additional effort will be required of students in order to have their experiences included on a Cocurricular Record.  Experiences that meet the various criteria for inclusion are approved by the Cocurricular Record Oversight Committee.  The faculty or staff member who oversees, mentors, or supervises the experience then submits the names and Banner numbers of the student completing the experience to the Student Affairs Office.  This data is then loaded into the system.  An individual student can then request a copy of his or her Cocurricular Record.  All of the experiences for which his or her name was submitted will be listed on the document.  Students can also request that additional experiences meeting the established criteria be included on the record by completing an Application for Inclusion.

A student can have, with very little effort, a document that verifies their participation in a variety of experiences. This document can be included with employment or graduate school applications or to serve as a reminder of their accomplishments and activities during their Truman years.

Faculty and Staff:  Faculty and staff may find participating in the Cocurricular Record Program beneficial in a variety of ways.  Participation in this program can ensure that the students you work with in these quality experiences be recognized for their efforts and achievements.  Students can give you access to their Cocurricular Record allowing you to improve the quality of advisement that you give them and to assist you in writing letters of recommendation.  The Cocurricular Record data is linked to Banner allowing a wide variety of assessment possibilities.  Academic disciplines can get a more complete picture of student experiences outside of the classroom.  The names of faculty and staff mentoring these quality out-of-class experiences are also recorded and can be reported.  Faculty and staff can request that certain data about the specific experiences that they mentor be recorded and that data can then be looked at compared to other data existing in the Banner system.  Supporting the Cocurricular Record is an important way to encourage the integration of the cocurriculum and the curriculum which is critical in achieving the University's Mission.