Steps in Creation of a Cocurricular Record

Most of the items in the Cocurricular Record will be entered by the University.  To see a current listing of the experiences that have been approved for inclusion in the Cocurricular Record click here.  To see the criteria for including an experience in the Cocurricular Record, click here.  Below please find steps students can follow if they are interested in developing their Cocurricular Records.

  1. Gain Information: Learn about the Cocurricular Planning Map and set goals for your cocurricular activities.
  2. Familiarize: Become familiar with the experiences that meet the criteria for inclusion on the Cocurricular Record.  To see experiences that are currently approved click here.
  3. Plan: Learn about the experiences in which you wish to be involved and plan how and when those involvements will work best with your academic responsibilities.
  4. Participate: Become involved in those experiences that are consistent with your cocurricular goals and are compatible with academic responsibilities.
  5. Record and Reflect: Record and reflect upon your out-of-class experience in your Cocurricular Journal.  For more information about the Cocurricular Journal click here.
  6. Read and Respond: Read the periodic notification e-mails you will receive when the University has added experiences to your Cocurricular Record.  Respond to the invitation to add the item to your Cocurricular Journal if you haven't already done so.
  7. Request: You can request that experiences in which you have participated and that have not previously been approved be included in your Cocurricular Record if the experience meets the qualifying criteria.  To learn more about the criteria, click here.  To apply to have an experience included on your Cocurricular Record, click here.
  8. Review: Review your Cocurricular Record online periodically to check for accuracy and to determine if you are meeting the goals that you set for your cocurricular activities.  We recommend that you engage in experiences in all Four Quadrants.  To learn more about the Quadrants, click here.
  9. Decide: Determine if you would like certain items excluded from your Cocurricular Record.  To learn more about this process, click here.
  10. Request: When applying for graduate schools or employment, request that a Cocurricular Record be sent to potential schools and employers.  To request that your Cocurricular Record be sent to a third party, click here.