The Cocurricular Record

In order to give you an additional edge as you apply for employment or graduate schools, Truman will produce a Cocurricular Record.  You can request this document be sent to employers or graduate schools as a way of verifying achievements.  Activities included in the Official Cocurricular Record are verified by faculty and staff creating an official document produced and distributed at your request by the University.  Students can exclude items from their Cocurricular Record if they desire.


  1. Documentation: The Cocurricular Record provides documentation regarding student accomplishments outside the classroom.
  2. Complete Picture: The Cocurricular Record provides prospective graduate schools and employers a complete picture of a Truman graduate's accomplishments and experiences when viewed in conjunction with the academic transcript. 
  3. Historical Data: The data collected in order to produce the Cocurricular Record is stored in our student information system (Banner) creating historical data useful in alumni programming and development activities.  This data is also important in assessing patterns and impact of out-of-class experiences.

Steps for Creating an Official Cocurricular Record

Experiences eligible for inclusion on the Official Cocurricular Record

Request an activity for inclusion on your Official Cocurricular Record

Request a copy of your Official Cocurricular Record