Why Keep a Cocurricular Journal?

There are a number of benefits to keeping a Cocurricular Journal including the following:

  • The Cocurricular Journal assists you in making intentional choices about your out-of-class experiences.  The opportunity to see all of these experiences in one place can help you determine areas of redundancy as well as the types of activities that you may have overlooked.  For additional assistance in planning your out-of-class experiences, please visit http://cocurricular.truman.edu/planning_map/purpose.asp
  • The Cocurricular Journal provides you with an opportunity to reflect upon what you have learned through your out-of-class experiences.  Experts generally agree that providing opportunities for reflection improves retention and can result in deeper and enhanced learning.
  • The Cocurricular Journal can be shared with advisors to assist them in helping you plan your activities and in writing letters of recommendation.
  • The Cocurricular Journal can help prompt your memory regarding experiences that might be useful to include in resume preparation, applications and interviews.

You will have a record of your coursework through your academic transcript.  Keeping an up-to-date Cocurricular Journal will provide information regarding a host of other activities that have contributed to your college education and experience.