Cocurricular Journal Description

A significant body of research has demonstrated the importance of out-of-class activities and experiences.  These experiences contribute to a student's persistence to graduation, satisfaction with their college experience, leadership skill development, and growth on a number of learning outcomes typically associated with coursework such as critical thinking.

Truman supports and encourages students to get involved in a variety of experiences and activities outside of the classroom.  The Cocurricular Journal is a tool that we provide to help students plan, record and reflect upon these experiences.  Planning your activities and experiences can help you get the most value from your time at Truman.  You can ensure that  you have a variety of experiences and activities to help you achieve your goals. 

The Cocurricular Journal provides a place and a process for recording these experiences as they occur and are fresh on your mind.  Planning can also help you establish priorities and spread the experiences over your undergraduate years.  The Cocurricular Journal also walks you through a process for reflecting on these experiences and identifying the significant contributions these experiences have made to your growth and development.