Criteria for Inclusion of Student Organizations in the Cocurricular Record

In order to be eligible for inclusion on the Cocurricular Record, involvement in a student organization must meet one of the following two sets of criteria:


    Set 1:

  • The organization is chartered through the Center for Student Involvement.

  • The student is a member of a the organization in good standing, and

  • The organization has submitted their registration materials and roster to the Center for Student Involvement.

    Set 2:

  • The organization is not a chartered student organization but is an organization whose methods and purpose are consistent with the values and mission of Truman State University.

  • Membership in the organization indicates the student has made progress toward university or departmental learning outcomes. (Some Applications for Inclusion listing general education and departmental learning outcomes will require approval from the appropriate academic dean prior to inclusion of an experience as a part of the Cocurricular Record), and

  • The student is chosen for membership through a juried, competitive selection process that includes university-side, statewide, regional, national or international applicant pools.