Cocurricular Record Application for Inclusion Tutorial (students)

Students who believe that they have an experience that merits inclusion on their Cocurricular Record, may complete and Application for Inclusion.  This process is completed online.  Once the application is complete and submitted, it will be reviewed by the Cocurricular Record Oversight Committee.  You will receive notification from the Committee regarding their decision about your application.  You may be asked to submit additional information.  The Cocurricular Record Oversight Committee is charged with ensuring that all of the items in the Cocurricular Record meet the established standards for inclusion.  It will typically require approximately 30 days to receive a decision from the Committee.

Prior to completing the Application for Inclusion, you will need to do two things.  First make sure that the item that you wish to include on your Cocurricular Record has not already been approved for inclusion and will be entered by the University at a later date.  To view a list of items that have already been approved for inclusion, please visit

If the item you wish to be included on your Cocurricular Record has not previously been approved, the second step is to review the criteria for inclusion so you may be prepared to address each of the prompts that appear as part of the Application for Inclusion process.  To view the criteria, visit

Having completed these two initial steps, you are ready to learn more about the Application for Inclusion.  Remember, you are trying to give the Cocurricular Record Oversight Committee as much information as you can to help them determine if the experience meets the criteria for inclusion.  Make sure that you respond to the prompts in the Application for Inclusion with this goal in mind.

Step 1: Log into TruView and click on the Student Tab.  Scroll down and select Cocurricular.

Step 2:  From the menu, click on "Application."  Then click on "New Record Entry."

Step 3: Select the category where your experience best fits from the fourteen options presented in the pull down menu.

Step 4: Give a title to your experience.  This title is important because it will appear on the Cocurricular Record and will need to identify the experience to people who will not necessarily be familiar with the area.

Step 5: Select the term when the experience occurred or when it was completed from the pull down menu.

Step 6: Provide a description of the experience.

Step 7: Provide your best estimate of the number of hours you devoted to this experience.

Step 8: You will have the opportunity to select up to five learning outcomes to which this experience has contributed.  The pull down menu gives you the option of picking several learning outcomes identified in the University Strategic Plan.  There are other University learning outcomes.  For more information about learning outcomes, visit  If you select other, you will have an opportunity to write in a learning outcome that does not appear in the pull down menu.  If you select this option and list a general educational or discipline specific outcome, the appropriate academic dean will need to approve your Application for Inclusion along with the Cocurricular Record Oversight Committee.  Learning outcomes that are not established by the University will not be accepted.  In other words, you can not make up your own learning outcome and list it as an "other" response.  Remember you can list up to five learning outcomes for a single experience.

Step 9: Work through the variety of additional prompts that are given regarding your experience.  These prompts will vary somewhat depending on the category of experience you select.  In most cases you will be asked to describe how your performance was evaluated, if you had an opportunity to reflect upon the experience, and if you had an opportunity to complete an evaluation of the experience.  These prompts will help the Cocurricular Record Oversight Committee to ensure that the experience achieves the standard of quality required for inclusion on the Cocurricular Record.

Step 10: When you have addressed all of the prompts, click "submit" and your application will be sent automatically to the Cocurricular Record Oversight Committee.  If you are unable to complete the application at one time, you can save your work and return to the application at a later time.

Step 11: Wait to hear back from the Cocurricular Record Oversight Committee.  The process of review will typically take about 30 days.  If your Application for Inclusion is accepted, the experience will be entered into your Cocurricular Record by the University.